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I'm already dead, so why can't I die.

15 December
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My name is Kirstin but a lot of my friends prefer to call me Kiri, so don't be confused when you see someone calling me that. I'm a writer of all sorts of things, and open to suggestions considering fanfictions. I currently write fanfiction from the anime/manga Claymore, and always open to new pairs that anyone wants to suggest to me. They will be posted here under a link to either my deviantArt page, or my fanfiction.net page. So, contact me or leave a couple comments on what you would like to see written next from me.

I'm always open to new music, because I am constantly looking for new musical artists that could give me inspiration. Music is ultimately my life, and I can't stand going a day without it, because it so easily portrays anyone's emotions or explains them. I tend to listen to rock, punk, and sometimes emo that people call it, but the only types I don't like listening to are much of metal and rap.

At the time I'm writing more and more fanfiction than my own stories that tend to never get anywhere. I am currently writing works from Claymore, the anime/manga series. It has become my favorite series that I can't stand but to write more and more for, since it is one of those action packed series I can't get enough of. Of course I can write other areas of fanfiction as well, but I have to have been able to see the series before I consider writing it. I have to know the characters first before I even try.

"I'll give you a rose that never withers and dies."